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Discover all you need to know about weddings at St Patrick's and the Holy Angels. Marrying in church is personal, meaningful, spiritual, and beautiful, just as you want it to be.




Marriage between two Christians has a deep value, both as a human relationship and as a sacrament. Where one party is not a baptised Christian, marriage is esteemed in its human depth by the Catholic church.

Marriage is a living sign of God’s love in the couple and the family that grows around them. Because of this, the whole Church views marriage as an active element in its mission of showing God’s love to the world.

This element of living witness is why the usual, valid marriage ceremony for a Catholic woman or man is performed in a Catholic church. The church is where the local community of believers gathers to pray and support one another in their Christian living. The official witnesses to your marriage are the priest or deacon, and two of your friends.

In several circumstances, approval of the bishop is given for marriage in a place other than a church. If you wish to celebrate your marriage in this way with the blessing of the Catholic church, please meet Fr Cameron to clarify what may be possible. As noted already, the dignity of your commitment merits the Church’s recognition and blessing.


Weddings should be booked at least six months in advance. Both church and government strongly encourage a ‘Marriage Preparation’ course.

Regarding preparation, a generous couple in our parish is ready to help you with the FOCCUS instrument (Facilitating Open Couple Communication and Understanding). Alternatively, if you wish to meet other engaged couples in the preparation phase, consult:

Please contact the Parish Office to begin. Fr Cameron will meet with you soon after you make contact. Basic documentation consists in a full Birth Certificate and, for a Catholic or non-Catholic Christian, a recently issued record of baptism.

Catholic priests are not authorised to officiate at same sex marriages.

Please download the music policy for weddings at St Patrick's Mentone and St John Vianney Parkdale

Music Policy for Weddings.pdf

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