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Ordinariate Community of St Edmund Campion

A unique and important part of the life of the Catholic Parish of Mentone/East Parkdale is the Community of St Edmund Campion.

The Community of  St Edmund Campion

The community, which has been worshipping at St Patrick’s, Mentone since 2012, is part of the Australian Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.

Fr Ramsay Williams, Parish Priest of the Community of St Edmund Campion, Mentone.

Pope Benedict XVI established the Ordinariate for former Anglicans, in full communion with the Catholic Church, in 2009 as a separate jurisdiction of the Roman or Latin rite. Pope Francis expanded the mission of the Ordinariate in more recent times.


The Ordinariates are found in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, as well as Australia. They maintain some liturgical, spiritual, and pastoral traditions of Anglicanism, approved by the Holy See.  Ordinariate priests, formerly Anglican clergy, are ordained Catholic priests. 

The Ordinariate Missal draws on both Catholic and Anglican liturgical resources and includes some texts from the Book of Common Prayer.

Mass according to the Ordinariate form of the Roman rite is celebrated every Sunday at 9.30 am., and every Thursday at 10.30 am in St Patrick’s, Mentone. Everyone is welcome to attend these Masses. Christians in full communion with the Holy See may receive Holy Communion.

Our Parish Priest, Fr Ramsay Williams was an Anglican priest for 38 years. He is now also Honorary Associate Priest in the Catholic Archdiocesan parish of Mentone/East Parkdale.

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